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In the aftermath of the recent heavy snowstorms in our Maine and New Hampshire regions, a serious concern for many homeowners is the amount of snow and ice on their roof. If you have a metal roof, this will not be an issue for you as the snow will slide off on it’s own.  A shingled roof is a snowy_20roofdifferent story.  Your concern is justified as there have been many cases of roof collapses due to snow and ice load. If the weather continues to be frigid, or if another storm is on it’s way, you will need to remove the snow that is currently weighing down your roof. There are different ways to go about removing the snow depending on the shape of your roof.

If you have a sloped or pitched roof, your best and safest bet is to remove the snow using a telescoping snow rake.  This allows you to stay safely on snow rakethe ground for a good part of the removal.  The rake itself should have a head constructed of plastic as opposed to metal.  A metal rake can snag and pull the shingles. Remove any icicles hanging from the roof first to avoid injury.

A flat roof can be shoveled just as you would a driveway or walk.  Again, make sure the head of the shovel is plastic and do not use a curved head as this can damage the shingles.

If you live in a multi-storied house, then for safety reasons it is best to hire professionals to remove the snow and ice. They should have the experience, as well as the safety equipment, to remove the snow without damage to your roof.

A typical roof can only support a couple of inches of ice, so don’t over look the importance of snow and ice removal this winter!


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