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Performance Metal Roofing is The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need… GUARANTEED!

Expert advice:

Since our staff is well versed in all parts of the design and construction process, we can help you uncover potential problems and work through them before the job starts.

Seamless project management:

Our dedicated employees coordinate all aspects of your project—from ordering products and materials to coordinating vendors. To avoid any unnecessary delays, your job won’t start until all the pieces are in place.

Responsive vendors:

We fully vet every partner we work with, from architects and interior designers to contractors. When you work with us, you have full access to this network.


Performance Metal Roofing was founded based on an opportunity envisioned to enrich the New England area homeowners’ home renovation needs. Based upon the desire to meet those needs, Performance Metal Roofing took a stance in a very competitive roofing industry based on customer service, open communication, quality workmanship and unique design in a sector that greatly needed it. These beliefs accompanied by hard work, discipline and dedication have led to referral after referral. Repeat business is the foundation for the company’s success and growth.

Performance Metal Roofing envisions the company growing into the most desirable Roofing dealer in the New England area that continues to build lifelong relationships with its customers.

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