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When a roof is damaged in a storm it is easy to see what needs to be repaired. But most roofing problems do not result from direct damage, but are caused by years of constant wear and tear. In short, roofs get old. The secret to keeping your home protected from the weather is to judge when a roof is “past its prime” and in need of repair or replacement.

Performance Roofing has inspected, repaired, renovated and replaced roofing system all across New Hampshire and Maine. Our Maine roofing and New Hampshire roofing professionals are trained to identify and evaluated potential problems in all areas of a roofing system, with an eye toward correcting small issues before they become big, expensive trouble.

Here are signs that your Portland roofing system or Seacoast roof may be in need of serious renovation or replacement.

  • Granules from shingles are wearing away and collecting in gutter troughs
  • Streaks form along exterior walls from water runoff
  • Icicles form along gutters – a sure sign of ice dams that can back water up into your attic
  • Shingles or tiles that are loose, cracked, curling at the edge or show worn patches
  • Missing shingles
  • Flashing that has pulled away from vent pipes or chimneys
  • Excessive growth of algae or moss
  • Damp spots on underside of the roof deck showing in the attic
  • Eroded soil around your home’s foundation caused by dripping water
  • Metal roofing panels showing red rust
  • Metal seams that are loose or gapped
  • Stains on interior ceilings or walls (water can seep in at one point and “travel” quite far before being noticeable!)

If you see any of these signs, call the professionals of Performance Roofing to schedule an inspection of your roof. We’ll provide you with an honest evaluation of your roof’s true condition and a list of recommendations to correct any problems we discover.

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