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Roof Repairs

Performance Roofing offers services that can help keep your home and family safe from the weather and extend the useful service life of your roof.

From minor leaks to major storm damage, we have the skills and experience necessary to assess, evaluate, and correct any roofing problem. We are the Portland and Portsmouth roofers with the widest array of resources to complete repairs rapidly, professionally, and with lasting results.


Many homeowners choose to ignore minor leaks or attempt do-it-yourself roof repair in Portland. But a small leak may be an indicator of a larger problem, and patching the immediate trouble could lead to a more expensive repair later. Call our New Hampshire and Maine roofing experts to identify and properly correct the source of the leak before serious damage to your home can occur.


Ice, heavy snow packs, ice dams, storms, and high winds can all cause serious structural damage to your property. Missing shingles, loose flashing, and penetrations can allow water to enter your home and begin to wreak havoc.

When weather damages your roof, contact us immediately. We can quickly make short-term repairs to restore its integrity and minimize damage. Then, we’ll return again to fully evaluate its condition and recommend permanent repairs.


Many times, the problem you may have is not from storm damage, but simply old age. Every roof has a limited service life. But in many cases, we can make renovations to extend its useful life, often by several years. Call us to schedule a free inspection and evaluation. We’ll be glad to give you an honest assessment of the condition and recommend the best course of action.


We are the expert contractor that homeowners rely on to keep them safe and comfortable. Call us today at (207) 337-4401 to schedule a free inspection and written estimate for quality roof repair in Portland and the Portsmouth area.

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