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When it comes to making a choice in roofing Portsmouth NH residents are choosing metal roofing systems from Performance Roofing. Metal roofs are among the fastest growing roofing choices across America, and for good reason. Especially for the weather we experience here in Portsmouth metal roofing provide superior protection with a longer service life than almost any other roofing material.

Modern metal roofing uses advanced materials and coatings to deliver an exceptionally long life, with little maintenance. A Portsmouth metal roofing system installed by Performance Roofing can often last twice as long as even the most durable shingle roof. By choosing a metal roof Portsmouth NH residents will be buying the last roof they will ever need for their home – guaranteed!

Portsmouth metal roofing systems offer distinct advantages over shingle, slate, tile or wood roofs:

  • Strong – Metal roofs are wind-rated up to 120 mph, are fireproof and resist insects, rust and all weather conditions
  • Durable – By choosing metal roofing Portsmouth residents can expect a roof that will last 50 years or longer!
  • Attractive – A wide choice of color options allows you to match your metal roof to your home’s décor for a dramatic, beautiful look
  • Low Maintenance – You won’t need to spend time or money replacing shingles or repairing tiles when Performance Roofing installs an easy-care metal roof on your home

It is vital that you have your Portsmouth metal roof installed by New England’s most experienced metal roofing company, Performance Roofing. Other Portsmouth metal roofers may install metal roofs as a sideline, but at Performance Roofing metal is our life! We have the skilled professionals who know how to correctly design and properly install metal roofing Portsmouth NH homeowners can count on for lasting protection and value.

Step up to a rugged, durable metal roof by calling the experts in metal roofing Portsmouth residents trust to do the job right – Performance Roofing. Call us today at (207) 430-3868 to schedule a free roof inspection and written estimate for your Portsmouth metal roofing project.

I have 20+ years experience in the roofing industry. Throughout that time I have worked with numerous amounts of clients on the design, decision making, and pricing involved in their projects. I also help oversee all day to day operations. Throughout our time in business we have gone through many changes but one thing that will never change is our devotion to customer satisfaction. One of our top sources for referrals is word of mouth from our previous customers. That alone says a lot about the quality of the service our customers receive.

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