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rubber roofing, Performance Metal Roofing | Rubber Roofing | ME and NH

It’s easy to see the value in buying Rubber Roofing. You might think flat roofing is always leaky and unreliable, but nowadays there are plenty of long lasting, affordable, attractive and more effective flat roofing options.

Rubber Roofing is often the lower cost and easier to install alternative to traditional pitched roofs. They are common on extensions, garages and commercial buildings.


Quick facts about Rubber Roofing:

Before you go ahead and install your new rubber roof, you should make sure to strip your roof down to a plywood base, as most manufacturers refuse to recognize warranties if the rubber roof is simply installed directly on top of previous roofing. Once you’ve stripped down your roof, measure and cut for any chimneys, vents and antennas before preparing the adhesive. After you’ve made all the necessary adjustments to the roll and cut it to the shape of your roof, sweep your roof to remove all dirt, dust and debris and then apply your adhesive. Roll out the rubber across the adhesive, trim where necessary, and check for air bubbles. If everything appears in order, wait one half hour for the adhesive to bond and then make any last minute adjustments needed.

  • You should consult your local authority to see if planning permission is necessary (this will usually only be if you live in a listed building or conservation area or you are making a significant change to the roof)
  • Part H of the building regulations regarding drainage state that water should drain to one or two edges
  • Waterproofing should extend up the adjacent walls at least 150mm from the roof surface
  • Cold roofs must have ventilation
  • Warm roofs must have a VCL bonded to the deck
  • Roofs must be wind resistant and strong enough to walk on

Why Maine and New Hampshire Should Hire Us for Rubber Roofing and Repairs? 

Performance Metal Roofing serves customer’s roofing needs just as they would expect their own to be provided.

This is why we have integrated the roofing technologies training program into our business to ensure that every Performance roofer we employ is trained and qualified. This is just another way we are constantly improving the services we provide.

Performance Metal Roofing is a FULL SERVICE Roofing Company. If you are looking for roofing repairs that can handle all related repairs just call (207) 337-4401 or complete our online request form.

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What sets us apart from other Maine and New Hampshire roofers or remodeling contractors is our unique pool of talent, willingness to get creative with you in the design of your project and our passion for meeting our customers’ needs.

We want to take care of you, not take advantage, which explains the many satisfied customers who keep calling us for their home improvements.


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